Tuesday 14 November 2023

Journey to the Inner Cosmos: BrainFacts LIVE in Washington DC: November 12 2023

BrainFacts presents Journey to the Inner Cosmos with three fantastic speakers: Professors Damien Fair, Susanna Martinez-Conde and Joseph LeDoux along with Joe's band, The Amygdaloids, at the Right Proper Brewery's Shaw Brewpub and Restaurant, Washington DC. 

MC'ed by Richard Wingate

Saturday 4 November 2023

Waterstones best books of 2023

"The Story of the Cell..." is one of Waterstone's top ten popular science books of 2023 (Mathematics and Neurosciences)

Saturday 28 October 2023

"The Story of the Brain..." Italian edition

"Storia del cervello in dieci cellule e mezzo" by Richard Wingate, Giuliana Olivero (Translator), published by Bollati Bolinghieri (October 2023)

Thursday 15 June 2023

The Design of Science - at Imperial College

Panel discussion with Andrea Tse (Associate Director, Allies and Morrison Architects), Oscar Ces (Head of Chemistry, Imperial College) hosted by Lucy Wall (Science Communication MSc student) and Stephen Webster, Lead for the Good Science Project

Saturday 1 April 2023

"The Story of the Brain in 10½ Cells"


"The Story of the Brain in 10½ Cells" by Richard Wingate, published by Profile Books in association with the Wellcome Collection 

Wednesday 16 March 2022

PSYCHE at the Science Gallery Bengaluru from April 1st

Richard Wingate academic advisor with Sanjeev Jain, Vikram Patel and Ulrike Klug for PSYCHE at the Science Gallery Bengaluru.

The programme opens with a public lecture on April 1 "Split Body, Synthetic Self: Excess and Emptiness" by Stelarc

Monday 29 November 2021

What can Science offer the Arts: Tue, 30 Nov 2021 17:00 – 18:00

Panel discussion on what Science can offer the Arts hosted by the MediCulture Festival and Team London Bridge. Tickets can be reserved here. Chair Richard Wingate with Charlie Murphy (artist), Dr Leigh Wilson (public engagement expert), Dr Ali Hossaini (philospher and visiting fellow at King's College London) and Yinka Danmole (artist).
Watch a video on Sunnydown Synaptic and panel discussion here

Monday 22 November 2021

Sunnydown Synaptic at the Old Operating Theatre


Sunnydown Synaptic is an innovative outreach project & exhibition bringing together neuroscience, electronic engineering and visual arts for a dynamic series of workshops with students from Sunnydown School in Surrey.

Synaptic collaboration between artist Charlie Murphy, engineer Robin Bussell, scientists Dr Leigh Wilson, Professor Richard Wingate, PhD students Sally Horton and Sara Ratti of the MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders at King’s College London, and language and learning specialist, Jo Wood of Sunnydown School

12th November 2021- 29th January 2022

The Old Operating Theatre, 9a St Thomas Street, London, SE1 9RY

Thursday 25 March 2021

The Art of Neurobiology


Special Guest in the Risky Behavior podcast series. Listen now on Spotify

"Join Dr. Sweta Chakraborty and Dr. Taylor Wallace for happy hour as they explore controversial issues and address your health and wellness concerns, ranging from nutrition and climate change, to sex and prescription drugs. Together this dynamic duo will loosen lips and spill tea from the heart of Washington, D.C., with special expert guests you won't want to miss!"

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Medical Culture Festival: The Drunken Botanist


Host for a discussion of "the Drunken Botanist" with author, Amy Stewart as part of the Medical Culture Festival -a collaboration between the Old Operating Theatre MuseumFlorence nightingale museum, Southwark council, Guys and St Thomas hospital, Kings College and Team London Bridge. 

February 17th 2021

Friday 13 November 2020

Two webinars on public engagement with Noggin NW

Two webinars recorded over the summer for Brainfacts.org with Noggin NW look at the how outreach can bond communities, Reconnecting our brain cells, one cell at a time, and simple ways to bring neuroscience out of the lab to a general audience Action and potential in education, outreach and research with Dr Leigh Wilson, Public Engagement Manager for Developmental Neurobiology at King's College London

Monday 30 March 2020

Molyneux's problem on Brainfacts.org

Listen to a podcast on the famous Philosophical and Neuroscience problem posed by Molyneux in the late 1600's presented by Brainfacts.org Editor-in-Chief, Richard Wingate

Friday 25 October 2019

Neuroanatomy Explorers at the Brain Awareness Campaign Event, Chicago 2019

Presentation by Leigh Wilson, Robyn Quinlan and Richard Wingate for the Brain Awareness Campaign Event at the Society of Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2019 in Chicago. The project involved class visits and a workshop at the "Spare Parts" exhibition at the Science Gallery London.

Scientists worked with 8-9 year old from St Francis of Assisi Primary School in West London to produce a pack of Top Trump cards. Each student imagined their brain and body adapted for a new environment and created a card for each with scores for different characteristics.

Monday 21 October 2019

Science in the pub at the Sidmouth Science Festival

Richard Wingate (Kings College London) and Tom Butts (Liverpool University) entertained a lively audience at the Blue Ball Inn as part of the Sidmouth Science Festival about "genetic engineering and designer babies" and  "Imagination and Ambiguity in Science"

Brainwaves 2019

Brainwaves at the Sidmouth Science Festival engaged with students in year 4 from Sidmouth Primary School, Newton Poppleford School and St Johns. Two laboratories (Wingate and Clarke) from the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology at King's College London conducted a neuroscience workshop for 58 school children on the beach

Sunday 24 March 2019

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Brainwaves - neuroscience on the beach at the Sidmouth Science Festival

Three laboratories (Clarke, Wingate, Williams) from the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology at King's College London conducted a  neuroscience workshop for 65 school children from three schools in South Devon: Newton Poppelford, Sidmouth Primary and St. John's

The event was part of the Sidmouth Science Festival now in its 6th year. Our involvement was supported by a grant the Wellcome Trust to Jon Clarke

Monday 26 June 2017

Thursday 12 January 2017

Podcast: 2scientists Richard Wingate and Parmvir Bahia

Podcast conversation with Parmvir Bahia (from the US organisation "Taste of Science") recorded just before before Christmas 2016.

Follow this link to listen in

Sunday 6 November 2016

MOUTHY: Effie Paleologou and Iain Sinclair in conversation

Richard Wingate chairs artist Effie Paleologou in conversation with acclaimed writer and filmmaker, Iain Sinclair

3 November 2016, Guy's Hospital Chapel. 7.00pm

Paleologou's large-format photographs from Microcosms are currently displayed as part of the #MOUTHY season at Science Gallery UK in two public spaces: the Colonnade in Guy’s Campus until 25 November and on billboards outside London Bridge station from 24 October until 20 November [map].

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Launch of Suki Chan's Lucida

Lucida explores the curious, complex relationship between the human eye, vision and the brain.

Suki Chan's project is supported by a Wellcome Trust Small Arts Awards, University of Salford Art Collection and Arts Council England.

A publication accompanies the exhibition with essays by Dr Marius Kwint, Reader in Visual Culture, University of Portsmouth; Dr Richard Wingate, King’s College London; and Gareth Evans, Film Curator, Whitechapel Gallery.

16 Sept – 22 Oct (Preview: Thurs 15 Sept 6.30 – 8.30pm)

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Pint of Science - Building Brains

Pint of Science public event at the Pavillion End May 23 (7-10pm).
Richard Wingate - Imagining the developing brain
Sandrine Thuret - Adult neurogenesis: can we grow new brain cells?

Sunday 30 August 2015

Parallel practices collaboration is news in Japan

Article on collaboration with Celia Pym in Keitodama magazine

Thursday 26 February 2015

Parallel Practices outcomes

Short piece Richard Wingate and Tamsin van Essen in the March/April edition of Ceramic Review Magazine

Interview with Tamsin van Essen, Celia Pym et al in Crafts Magazine (issue 253)

David Beazley's short film about the Parallel Practices project.

Thursday 8 January 2015

Parallel practices: photographs and films

Tamsin van Essen's bone sculpture
The Parallel Practices art and science collaborations generated enormous interest over their short run. You can see some of the outcomes of the residencies in a pictorial collection for Celia Pym and a short film for Tamsin van Essen
Celia Pym's work station

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Parallel Practices: Life Sciences Museum and Tamsin Van Essen open house

Open House at the Life Sciences Museum, Guy's Campus: Work-in-progress by ceramicist, Tamsin van Essen, and an opportunity to visit this unique working museum space, which is normally closed to the public.

The Museum will be open 11am - 4 pm on Sunday December 14th, Monday December 15th and Wednesday December 17th.

Sunday visits can be pre-booked here

Tamsin van Essen's residency is a collaboration with Richard Wingate and the Anatomy Department at King's College London and is part of Parallel Practices

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Making Conversations on Resonance 104.4 FM

Radio debate charred by Bronac Ferran on the interaction between craft and science as part of the Notes from the Underground Season on Resonance FM. Tamsin van Essen and Richard Wingate discuss the Crafts Council Parallel Practices initiative with Karen Gaskill, Tiff Radmore and Matt Durran. Listen here to part 1 and part 2 of the broadcast.

Thursday 18 September 2014

Parallel Practices: Tamsin van Essen residency in Anatomy at King's

Ceramicist Tamsin van Essen will be working with Richard Wingate to explore material processes and transformations in anatomy. Parallel Practices is a pilot project of residencies in partnership between the Crafts Council and the Cultural Institute at King's College London.

Parallel Practices: Celia Pym residency in Anatomy at King's

cp_cp001_014Textile artist Celia Pym will be working with Richard Wingate to explore ‘mending’ in  the relationships between care and caretaking in textile repair and the study of anatomy. Parallel Practices is a pilot project of residencies in partnership between the Crafts Council and the Cultural Institute at King's College London.